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Our Products and Services
Face Painting for kids age 2yrs - Adult

Butterflies, Tigers, Monsters, Princesses,  Devils, Easter Bunnies, Witches, Rainbows & many more!!!!

Cheek and Hand Art also available

Children's Parties
Summer BBQ's
Halloween Parties
Christmas Parties
School Fairs
Or any special event or occasions!

10 Faces per hour.

For Pricing of Parties please contact us as Prices vary from Party to Party!

We only use water  based paints by Grimas and Snazaroo, both of which can be removed very easily with soap and water or baby wipes. If you are unsure of an allergic reaction we will do a free 1hr patch test on the skin.

We will not paint any children or adults that have eczema, conjunctivitis or any cuts to the face.

If a child is unhappy we will stop painting immediately.